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During the next decades we will be facing an increase in the world population and some of the greatest challenges will be to sustainably and equitably provide better living conditions, deliver vital goods and services, and support human health and well-being. Few studies take into account the interaction between all these challenges, however in the future it will be imperative to address them in a concerted way and design strategies that will support a more holistic approach. In order to achieve this, an interdisciplinary forward looking approach, which considers the whole food chain, from the production of raw material to consumption and food waste, will be necessary. In collaboration with a group of experts we developed the concept of “Diversified Adaptable Food”, which originates from the search for a common denominator for analogous problems within different food systems.
This approach would support the engagement in research and the development of technologies to address common issues, and avoid trying to find individual solutions for each problem.




In May 2015 we organized the 1st Face to Face (F2F) workshop within the topic “Converging technologies for sustainable and healthy food”, focused on “Diversified adaptable food”, and gathered over fifty invited participants, mainly leading international experts on each field, policy makers, politicians, and NGOs. The workshop confirmed that nanotechnologies can have a disruptive impact at every step of the food chain, provided other technologies, such as biotechnology, system biology, and information and communication technology, converge towards its development and application. There was a general consensus that the highest priority should be given to food quality and not quantity. Furthermore it was agreed that significant changes in the supply chain in all societies and integration of existing and converging technologies are needed to responsibly ensure a nutritious food supply.
The results of the 1st F2F have been presented at: The Aspen Forum at EXPO, “Science and Individual Health”, Aspen Institute, Pavia, Italy; “2nd International Fresenius Conference on Nanotechnology in Food”, Köln, Germany; Conference on “Food Security and Diet-Linked Public Health Challenges”, Institute on Science for Global Policy, North Dakota, USA.
During 2016 we are planning two events: The 2nd F2F workshop, which will focus on “A Smart System for Food Production and Distribution”, and a workshop in collaboration with the WG Health, concentrating on the development of a personalized nutrition contributing to a personalized, predictive and preventive health care.

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International experts group


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