The S&T Foresight Interdepartmental Project is an initiative of the CNR President.

 The strategic plan and the work program of the Project are defined and validated by the Executive Board, which gathers the advises of the Scientific Board.

 The Department of Chemical Sciences and Materials Technology (DSCTM) is in charge for the administrative management of Project activities.

 The Executive Board is chaired by Ezio Andreta (Coordinator) and includes the Director of DSCTM, the Scientific Director, the secretary and the coordinators of two working groups.

 The Scientific Board is chaired by Giorgio Einaudi (acting Scientific Director).

 The Secretarial function is carried out by the responsible of the technical-administrative unit (Ruggero Casacchia).

 The Scientific Boardproposes initiatives to the Executive Board (also including the creation of new working groups) and promotes the Foresight activities within the CNR scientific network. It is composed by the Scientific Director, the Responsible of the working groups and the Coordinator.

 The Thematic Working Groups (WG) are coordinated by CNR researchers.


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