Challenges for Complexity science in the XXI century


 The field is so vast that it would be a challenge by itself to outline the main research objectives.  We mention here three possible keywords/themes for the future Working Group activity:

-   Predictability: how to improve it to the limits and formulate new approaches to prediction, forecasting and risk? How to infer causal relations between observables?

-    Modeling:  moving from data  to dynamical  models; how  to develop  a  more  integrated approach to and understand fundamental limitations? How can we construct effective models that can help prediction and understanding?

-    Control  and  management:  how  to  use the  acquired  knowledge  to  manage a  system properties in an open and changing environment?

The above  challenges are general and can be formulated in different scientific and technological research context. This also requires finding common languages among scientist with diverse background,  a  task that  is  by  itself  difficult  and  requires  close  interaction  and  sharing  of knowledge and  expertise. This will one of the aims of the future events to be organized   within the Foresight project.


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