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Distributed energy generation using renewable power sources and energy storage technologies are of significant importance for the future energy system.  Energy storage is considered the key technology in transitioning the global energy economy away from fossil fuels to renewables.
An efficient storage is necessary for an increasing use of renewables and can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the electricity grid. Energy storage technologies can overcome the temporal mismatch between energy supply and demand and avoid that excess of renewable energy is curtailed by the grid operators. In general, the storage technologies contribute to improving the overall efficiency of the energy system.  However in order to effect this transition in applications such as distributed generation, electric power grid and  transportation, leading energy storage technologies (electrochemical storage, power-to-gas, thermal storage etc.) must be economically competitive and achieve substantial increases in both efficiency and  longevity relative to today’s performance.
The mission of Working Group (WG) Energy is to address  the challenges of the energy storage sector and related environmental  issues, in particular  the identification and setting of priorities for the topics of future research programmes.


An exploratory workshop on “Next Generation Energy Storage Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities” has been held in Taormina (Italy) on 2-3 December 2015. The scope of this workshop was to identify new research directions for energy storage technologies and distributed energy generation through the involvement of scientists and experts from academia, government institutions and private sector.
The main themes of the workshop were: 
- Electrochemical energy storage 
- Hydrogen and Fuel cells 
- Thermal energy storage 
- Power to gas
- CO2 recycling 
- Direct coupling of storage systems with renewable power sources 
- Distributed energy generation
Aim of the workshop is to allow knowledge assessment and identification of medium-long term potential applications and socio-economic impacts of priority topic areas, pointing out obstacles, gaps in knowledge, education, funding needs, market potential and social acceptability. The results of the workshop will be summarised in a report, that will be the basis for the Face to Face workshop.

WG COORDINATOR: Antonino Salvatore Aricò
E-Mail: antoninosalvatore.arico@cnr.it
TEL: +39 090 624237