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The big challenge is the transition from the today population-based “reactive” medicine towards individual patient-centred data-driven medicine of tomorrow, which will take in consideration not only the clinical-pathological parameters but will include many factors, such as inherited genetics, ethnicity, age and gender, lifestyle including nutrition and more generally the socio-economic environment, thus achieving the novel and revolutionary P4-Medicine (Preventive, Predictive, Personalized and Participatory). Promoting health and preventing diseases is essential not only for the high individual impact of disease but also because increasingly strained healthcare systems, an ageing population, and the high economic cost of disease make this a social as well as an economic need. Within this frame, the health systems will face radical changes towards a less invasive, more predictive and preventive medicine with tailored therapeutic approaches.
The aim of Health Working Group (WG) is to identify, with the support of international experts, the priorities and technological strategies to face the challenges of future P4-Medicine and to define a roadmap to achieve the goal.


Executive Summary Report
Executive summary 18012017-1

The 1st Face-to-Face workshop on “Theranostics for P4-Medicine (March 2016), as a follow-up of the Exploratory workshop (May 2014), gathered more than 40 national and international experts, including physicians, research and technology scientists, representatives of regulatory bodies and policymakers. A general consensus was reached on the following needs:

- to acquire deeper basic knowledge of health and disease, with a novel and disruptive holistic approach.

- to develop a solid model of risk stratification profile in order to quickly predict and prevent the disease or, at least, to personalize the therapy for each single patient.

- to adapt ehical and regulatory issues to social-oriented individual medicine.

A link with some priorities of WG Food emerged during the workshop, highlighting the need to consider the impact of personalized nutrition on personalized healthcare.

WG COORDINATOR: Caterina Cinti
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Scientific Committee
Francesco BALDINI
Daniela BANTI
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